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fillings   stop tooth decay in its tracks

It is essential to fill even the smallest of cavities in order to prevent further damage to the tooth. We offer a long term and aesthetically pleasing solution to tooth decay. No more unsightly mercury or silver fillings that are neither aesthetically or functionally advantageous.
Presi-dent uses new aesthetic fillings to restore tooth decay in the front and molar areas. These incorporate new bonding technologies that maintain the strong tooth structure while providing a quick and simple solution to the little things in life.

onlays   especially for larger cavities

We recommend the use of onlays in the case of larger or side defects. The onlay will be custom made by a specialist dental technician who uses a previously made impression. This tailoring insures that when the onlay is cemented into the cavity no less than a perfect fit will be achieved, providing a long-term solution. Presi-dent uses the most up to date materials, including gold ,porcelain and porcelain strengthened resin composites.

veneers/jacket crowns   for all your needs

Veneers are an ideal way of improving your smile simply and with versatility. They are thin shells of ceramic that are bonded directly to the front and top surfaces of teeth. We offer veneers as the ultimate solution for correcting stains, awkward shapes or gaps between teeth. With veneers as an alternative there is no reason to put up with these imperfections. Jacket crowns perform a similar function to veneers. They cover the whole surface of the tooth in the case when partially covering veneers would be inappropriate. We would use them when in the case of a tooth which has larger previous fillings or has undergone previous root canal treatment. Presi-dent exploit the advances in modern know-how that have given us ultra-thin porcelain restorations which are virtually undetectable. They are incredibly strong and restore teeth to their natural healthy colour. Furthermore the restorations boast a high resistance to coffee/tea or cigarette stains. For both veneers and jacket crowns, normal brushing and flossing can be resumed the next day.

crowns/bridges   cover to restore

Crowns are a reliable solution to major dental problems which may have been caused by disease/ accidents/ wear and tear etc. A dental crown is a cap shaped like a tooth placed over a tooth which protects weakened teeth or restores broken teeth. A crown reconstructs the shape, size and strength and improves appearance of your teeth. Presi-dent works with high grade porcelain, porcelain bonded to metal and latest technology zirconium to renew your smile. Teeth work together in performing daily functions such as chewing, speaking and breathing. The replacement of missing teeth is essential to ensure that these vital tasks are performed optimally. A bridge fills the gap where teeth are absent restoring both function and appearance. Fixed bridges are bonded into place – cemented to natural tooth – to offer stability and durability. A pontic (false tooth) moulded from high quality materials replaces the lost/damaged tooth.

zirconium   the ultimate solution

Zirconium is one of the oldest and most abundant elements in the terrestrial crust and it is the basis for Zirconium oxid. This first-class-performance-material has been successfully used for artificial limbs and joints in the medical field for the last decades and now, this material is also available to the dental industry. Due to its excellent biological characteristics, Zirconium is nowadays the preferred material for aesthetic metal-free dental restorations. Proven by tests, among it’s main advantages is the fact that it does not cause any allergic reactions in the oral cavity area.. Almost any kind of dental restoration is possible using zirconia. It is possible to make bridges of all sizes, cemented or screwed and implant superstructures can also be realized with this material. Zirconium’s translucency favours the aesthetic and natural look of the dental restoration. Furthermore this very acid-proof material prevents the absorption of pollutants and makes cleaning easier. In our work at Presi-dent we appreciate and welcome new materials such as Zirconia into our practice to provide the best mix of dental solutions.

tooth whitening   brilliance in a smile

Anyone can have the confidence that a bright, white smile can give you these days. Tooth whitening can be used to correct many tooth discolorations, be the cause staining, aging, chemical damage or even genetic. Using the latest in whitening technology, we can offer a safe method for creating a beautiful, "brilliant" smile. The low cost, effective and durable option of tooth whitening – bleaching, will be applicable in almost all cases (except extreme discolorations in which case veneers or crowns will be used.). So, nowadays you have no excuse to live with discolored teeth! On examination we will be able to brief you on exactly what is involved. Whitening and brightening your smile is as easy as one-two-three. We place a protective rubber dam around the gums and apply a special ‘bleaching’ solution to the teeth. The bleaching process is speeded up through rays from a plasma lamp while you lay back and rest in your protective ‘shades’. In under an hour you will emerge from the surgery with teeth designed to dazzle! Achieve that dreamy smile with our simple whitening procedure today!