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the 5 steps towards your ‘brilliant’ smile:

STEP 1: Have a panoramic X-Ray taken at a Dental or Medical Centre near you and scan and e-mail this to us (the cost will be refunded on arrival).
STEP 2: We will give you a detailed treatment plan and quotation. Once these have been finalised our representative will begin to make arrangements for travel and accommodation.
STEP 3: Travel to Hungary to Presi-dent for Treatment where our representative will meet and greet you. (Airport transfer and accommodation will all be taken care of by Presi-dent).
STEP 4: Return to England.
STEP 5: Keep in touch for after-care, advice and return treatment (if applicable).

please contact our representative

Burnley Dr. Csilla Solymossy
Tel.: 01282414914 Mobile.: 07800946152